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105 Start-Ups & entrepreneurs evaluate Global-Spin Training Tool

105 Start-Ups & entrepreneurs evaluate Global-Spin Training Tool
Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Global Spin Project, supported by Erasmus+ Programme, is close to its end so, accordingly, the Corporate Learning Tool on internationalization and global talent management is near to its launch!.

The Consortium of the Global-Spin Project have been working last two years on the research, design and creation of the Handbook on Transnational Entrepreneurship and Effective Internationalization Strategies for Spin Offs (which is the offline version of the training programme) and the online platform where the online learning tool is hosted. In order to get the final version of the learning tool and make the appropriate improvements on the contents and the usability, partners have piloted the tool through the involvement of 105 external testers.

These testers are Spin-Offs, Start-Ups, SME managers, Human Resources specialists and University researchers, all specialists or interested in internationalisation. It allowed testing the tool by potential real users able to provide an external and objective assessment from six countries of the consortium: United Kingdom, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain. The pilots have been done online by each user, using a questionnaire after having navigated through the platform and read some of the contents.

The 105 individual pilot tests have been complemented by an Online Evaluation Session held on February the 12th with the participation of all partners’ representatives and one or two external testers from each partner that had already done the previous test. The 15 participants’ comments and feedbacks enabled the partnership to do a deep analysis on the aspects that still can be improved.

Through our website and @globalspineu in Facebook you will be informed as soon as the final version of our learning tool is available, don’t miss it!.