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Academic Spin-off Focuses on Understanding Hereditary Eye Diseases

Academic Spin-off Focuses on Understanding Hereditary Eye Diseases
Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The company DBGen, a spin-off from the research carried out at the Universitat de Barcelona, is working towards creating a specialised diagnostic technique for those with hereditary eye diseases. The team is made up of scientists and academics alike and counts on over 25 years of research carried out in the University. [1] Their goal is to provide a quality and reliable genetic diagnosis that allows for proper action while still being affordable to patients from all walks of life [2].

It is estimated that 60% of all blindness cases in children are inherited, and that over 350 million people deal with rare eye diseases. The spin-off was created from the research as an increased social demand for accurate genetic diagnoses became apparent in the general population, in addition to the scientific demand. Therefore, DBGen is able to truly make a substantial contribution to those looking to comprehend their situations and find the best solutions. [2]

For example, the team working on gene identification has already identified over 500 genes that can cause different types of hereditary blindness. These genes alone affect over 4 million people worldwide. [3] The impact that the company DBGen has on the general public could transform the way we look at and attend to blindness around the world.