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Academic Spin-Off: Epidisease S.L.

Academic Spin-Off: Epidisease S.L.
Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Spin-Off Epidisease S.L. researches epigenetic biomarkers, or stable heritable traits that are not explained by changes in DNA gene sequences. This means that that you can change traits that a person has without actually changing their genetic makeup. This type of research is being used in many different fields, such as tumour research.

However, this company applies it to the world of beauty products. For example, a hair care product can vastly improve the condition of your hair, solving capillary problems, without altering your DNA. The product would work by intervening in the expression of certain genes, making changes that were once thought of as inevitable and unavoidable such as hair loss.  [1]

Behind this research are several researchers tied to different universities, mainly the University of Valencia in Spain. This type of Academic Spin-Off takes advantage of knowledge acquired from different sources and applies it to practical, everyday use for normal people.

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