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B2B Spanish Start-up Finding International Success

B2B Spanish Start-up Finding International Success
Monday, 29 October 2018

The Spanish start-up Travelperk is in a strange position—they are under the radar for the general public because they work business to business (B2B) but, at the same time, they have raised about 65 million euros in the last six months. This B2B entity is finding its place in the international market and is well known around the [business] world as an entity that makes company travel easier. [1] Their mission is to make business travellers happy on every trip, focusing on customer service as their solution to problems the co-founders saw with the business travel industry [2].

The company was founded in 2015 in Barcelona and currently has more than 150 employees. The co-founders both worked in the travel industry before starting Travelperk and noticed that business travel was not well managed within the technological framework that defines most travel. Their initial idea was to create something along the lines of but specifically designed for companies. [1]

The team is now dedicated to making company-based travel a more integrated and intelligent to the work-day of employees. By offering travel planning for companies, Travelperk is able to save businesses money while providing customer service to the employees themselves, helping resolve any bumps during the trip. [2]