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Barcelona Spin-off Participates in Call to Study a Treatment for Fabry Disease

Barcelona Spin-off Participates in Call to Study a Treatment for Fabry Disease
Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Nanomol Technologies, a privately held spin-off from the Spanish Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas) [1], is collaborating with fourteen other entities, in five different countries, on a Horizon 2020 initiative called Smart-4-Fabry looking to improve treatment for Fabry disease [2]. This rare genetic disorder has side effects that range from painful to life-threatening, and the current treatment is neither simple nor completely stable [3].

The project is coordinated by CIBER-BBN in Zaragoza and has a budget of €5.8 million [2]. The four year Project is looking to improve the development of the way treatment is delivered in order to improve control of the disease. Fabry disease has the capacity to wreak havoc on the blood vessels of a person and currently has no cure, making it even more important to study the administration of potential treatments. [4]

The hope is that with new nanomedicine technology a new treatment can be developed improving efficiency while reducing administration costs [2]. This mission fits perfectly into the vision of Nanomol’s purpose: “to generate revolutionary nanomedicines and drug delivery systems with outstanding therapeutic efficacy” [5].

[4] http://nanomol-tech.comnanomol-technologies-is-part-of-the-new-horizon-2020-framework-programme-project-smart-4-fabry-smart-multifunctional-gla-nanoformulation-for-fabry-disease