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Berkeley Accelerator to Focus on AI

Berkeley Accelerator to Focus on AI
Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Created by students and entrepreneurs looking for a community and set of resources to help create academic spin-offs and startups, The House [1] looked to create a space that fulfilled their needs [2]. Now, fully dedicated to supporting others in their journey to spin-off and startup, The House is turning their attention to Artificial Intelligence (AI) [3].

The team considers that a University ecosystem is an ideal place to create a new business, and that their campus might just be one of the best in the world [2]. At the same time, they are now recognising the need to support AI growth. They plan to do this through thought leadership, venture funding, work space, etc. And any company with at least one Berkeley-affiliated founder is eligible to apply to form part of the innovation hub. [4]

By partnering academia with business support, The House is looking to take advantage of the innovation opportunities and increase the likelihood of success in a competitive environment. This initiative will therefore support the knowledge transfer of new scientific research while boosting the economy and providing jobs for ambitious entrepreneurs. [5]