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Biggest Challenges of International Businesses

Biggest Challenges of International Businesses
Friday, 1 December 2017

At the beginning of this year, Hult International Business School identified 11 challenges that international businesses face in 2017. They highlight these difficulties in an article directed towards future global business leaders with the intention of providing advice to tackle the challenges. The 11 identified challenges are:

  1. International company structure
  2. Foreign laws and regulations
  3. International accounting
  4. Cost calculation and global pricing strategy
  5. Universal payment methods
  6. Currency rates
  7. Choosing the right global shipment methods
  8. Communication difficulties and cultural differences
  9. Political risks
  10. Supply chain complexity and risks of labour exploitation
  11. Worldwide environmental issues

We highly recommend checking out the blog post to read more about these topics and their possible solutions in depth: