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Business puts Tasmanian University Skills to Work

Business puts Tasmanian University Skills to Work
Friday, 13 October 2017

A private company interested in commercialising the rock lobster industry is investing in a spin-off at the University of Tasmania. They are hoping the University will be able to commercialise their breakthrough research understanding the lobster’s complex larval cycle to be able to at a mass level. The unusual lifecycle of the rock lobster has made it impossible to farm sustainably until now, but researchers hope it could be a lucrative industry. [1]

The research at the university has been moving in this direction for years, so it was very exciting for everyone involved to have had the breakthrough to understanding how rock lobsters grow [2]. Investing in the university spin-off will allow it to dedicate two more years of research to finalising the development of the process, and if all goes according to plan the first commercial rock lobster farm would be in place by 2021 [1].

The research that has been achieved is considered to be a world-leading aquaculture breakthrough [3]. And the researchers are hoping that it will also be a game changer for the industry, focusing on water quality as opposed to antibiotics as a way to ensure survival [4].Both the University and the spin-off are excited to be in a place where technology and knowledge transfer are not just hypothetical but actually part of their research process [1].