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Collaboration with the University is key for this spin-off

Collaboration with the University is key for this spin-off
Friday, 9 June 2017

X-Ray Engineering (XRE) was founded as a spin-off company from the University of Ghent Centre for X-ray Tomography in 2011 and is now considered as one of the leading institutions for tomography research [1]. This company is an interdisciplinary collaboration between the Radiation Physics research group, the pore-scale processes in Geomaterials research group, and the Laboratory for Wood Technology [2].

XRE develops and builds X-ray systems which can be adjusted to the customers’ needs for practical use. By integrating flexibility into the design of the machine, the company can achieve different configurations, allowing the device to perform different functions depending on the desired application [1]. This company considers that the continuous collaboration with the University is key for future developments [3].

Due to the combination of interdisciplinary professionals, XRE is able to produce a product that might not be possible under other circumstances, taking advantage of the diversity in the University. The connection with the University allows for research development and discovery that is focused on scientific results. XRE is a prime example of an academic spin-off that benefits from being founded in a University setting.

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