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Communication: what is its impact in the working environment?

Communication: what is its impact in the working environment?
Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The role that communication plays in success or in the failure of a relationship is well-known—and working relationships are not an exception. With all its nuances, communication is a critical aspect with a strong impact on the company, and can still break down or endanger careers, create stressful work environments, and slow businesses growth. [1]

A survey concluded last January from The Economist Intelligence Unit reveals what employees see as the biggest barriers to workplace communication, the causes, and their impact on work life. [2]

  • Poor communication.
    Poor communication can snowball into larger issues with widespread impacts on the business as delay or failure to complete projects, stress, or lost sales. [2]
  • Diverse communications styles.
    The most frequently cited cause of communication barriers are the differences in communication styles. In an age of ever-changing and fast communication tools, this barrier is made more complex by generational and functional differences in communication preferences. [2]
  • Generational gap.
    Workplace use of social media and instant messaging is now widespread. Its use during working hours reflects and underlines a gap between how generations use these communication tools. [2]
  • Ineffective communication methods.
    There are some discrepancies between communication tools that are seen as effective and the ones frequently used. Heavily used modes of communication, such as email and phones, are not considered very effective and quite the opposite other tools, visual-based, that are viewed somehow or very effective, for example video conferencing, are underused. [2]
  • Diverse corporate roles, diverse communication.
    At the workplace, diverse corporate roles can influence poor communication. The survey's results show how middle managers tend to be affected the most by communication barriers as they are constantly conveying and exchange information back and forth between senior executives and employees, both of whom have different approaches to communication. [2]

In work environments the ability to communicate efficiently is essential. It is crucial to understand how to improve the effectiveness of communication within the team, so as to ensure excellent work results and all employee well-being.