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Connectivity between Universities and Startups Makes a Difference

Connectivity between Universities and Startups Makes a Difference
Tuesday, 13 February 2018

In Kerala, a state in India, the government is considering how the lack of connectivity between academics and businesses is creating problems for the development of a startup ecosystem. Without this connection, it is difficult to effectively utilise the talent that is being developed and is available in the region. [1]

The UNEP Disaster Risk Reduction chief Muralee Thummarukudy has made a statement concerning the use of technology in order to minimise disaster destruction. [1] It is not the first time that this region would be taking advantage of the technology available to promote entrepreneurship. When mobile phones became more popular at the end of the 90s, many fishermen began to use them as a way to know the market price of the fish and where to sell it to maximise profits. [2]

However, Thummarukudy also underlined how jobs are rapidly changing and how tradition jobs will probably vanish by 2040. He suggests that the future of startups must be innovative and related to the advances reached by the academic community in the area. [1] He suggests that collaboration between new technologies and health care, entertainment, and mobility will be the most successful in India moving forward [2].