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Does having a science park increase spin-off capacity?

Does having a science park increase spin-off capacity?
Friday, 14 July 2017

Although the spin-off Creavo Medical Technologies [1], from Leeds University, is doing well financially, the chief executive says that a science park would keep spin-offs in the region. This company now carries out company operations in Coventry, UK, although they continue to do fundamental research in Leeds [2].

In a study of Andalusian university spin-offs [3], the presence of a science park, together with available resources, seemed to be a direct link relating to the number of spin-offs created. In addition, the spin-offs created in these zones (Málaga and Granada) also made the greatest positive contributions to the economy [3].

The relationship between science parks and academic spin-offs may be similar to that provided by incubators. Science parks have the ability to provide training and services to help new entrepreneurs develop their technology and businesses [4]. At the University of Porto, in a movement to promote innovation and spin-offs, they support researchers to use the services provided by the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto in addition to other incubators in the region [5].

When we study spin-offs, the factors necessary to create them and their benefits, perhaps we should start paying more attention to the resources available in the region and not just the resources provided by the university itself.