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Doing Business Globally—What should you know?

Doing Business Globally—What should you know?
Wednesday, 31 January 2018

People carry out business differently in different places around the world, from the way they interact to the way they eat to the way they choose new colleagues. It is important to understand the different business customs around the world in order to have an idea of what you normally do that will create good relationships or insult your host. Over the past couple of years, as international business has become more commonplace, infographics have been popping up to provide quick guides to different ways of doing business around the world. Here are some of our favourites:

Business etiquette around the world: This infographic presents tips addressing how to carry out introductions, business meetings, and dining etiquette in a variety of countries. This information is useful because it offers a standardised vision of how specific aspects are different in different places, providing the reader with an overall view of the importance of being open to cultural differences.

A quick guide to going global: This infographic presents top-tips for ten countries around the world, and how to understand the different actions that people may take and the importance they may have. When working abroad, keep in mind that you might not understand how they do something there, but you should be open to the differences and willing to try to do things like your hosts do. 

Business etiquette from around the world: This infographic presents tips on how to greet people, what to call them, how to offer/receive business cards, how to communicate, and if you should be following an agenda when you meet with your international colleagues. Consider how a multicultural meeting could be a moment with unnecessary tension due to cultural differences and how you can avoid problems by educating yourself beforehand.

Global cultural survey: Business etiquette around the world: This infographic is by no means all-encompassing, covering only a few countries. However, it is interesting as it was based on a survey that reached responses all over the world. Check out the survey to see the types of questions asked as well as the infographic to see what aspects are considered as most important in the business world and what you should keep in mind.

As always, do not expect that an infographic is able to provide all the information necessary when working abroad. Take it as an opportunity to begin to learn about other cultures and open your eyes to the fact that business is not carried out the same way everywhere.