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Dutch Universities to Invest in University Spin-Offs

Dutch Universities to Invest in University Spin-Offs
Friday, 30 June 2017

The universities in Eindhoven, Enschede, and Wageningen are contributing to an investment fund, Innovation Industries, to help finance projects from their own Research and Development Programmes. The fund will be €75 million and aims to provide an average of €1-5 million to 20 different companies in the agricultural, healthcare, and IT sectors [1].

This fund is considered as a necessary step moving forward because the gulf between university spin-offs and the current market is too wide, even if most Dutch universities have links with outside investors [1]. The technology that is developed in these institutes has the ability to influence the market if invested properly, and Innovation Industries wants to help make that happen [2].

The goal of the fund is to be able to optimize the chances for success that these new businesses or scale-ups have. Innovation Industries will provide seed funding and look for returns once the companies are established and advancing [2].

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