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Encouraging university entrepreneurship in Madrid

Encouraging university entrepreneurship in Madrid
Friday, 9 June 2017

The Polytechnic University in Madrid (UPM) works towards filing for patents and creating new businesses every year, taking advantage of the research and technology developed in the University. UPM has created the Entrepreneurship Program actúaupm, which is integrated into the Technologic Innovation Support Centre (CAIT) UPM.

The main activity carried out by this entity is a competition that they hold for company creation. This competition is also called actúaupm. This activity was created with the intention to help implement applied research from the different university departments into the economic market [1].

People who can participate include: professors, researchers, students of all different level, etc. The top 10 ideas will receive 1,000€ and additional training to move the company forward, including courses about developing a business plan, specialised advice, access to conferences and network-building events, etc. [2]The results of the actúaupm Programme and Competition are spin-offs and start-ups that have received advice and training for the steps that come next.

Actúaupm is currently acting as leader in entrepreneurship initiative among all Spanish universities and is at the head of European ones as a promoter of university generated research into the market [3].  One of the companies, Tot-em [4], has recently been selected to participate in the MassChallenge Boston 2017 acceleration programme, internationalising the results of this Competition [5].