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ETH Zurich had a new Record of Academic Spin-offs in 2018

ETH Zurich had a new Record of Academic Spin-offs in 2018
Wednesday, 30 January 2019

While it is a widely accepted thought that transforming university research into spin-off companies is a way to add economic value both to the university itself and to the local economy, it is not always easy to set up an environment where this can easily happen [1]. Many universities are working to offer more support to their researchers and, in the case of ETH Zurich (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich), the inversion is paying off as they reached a record number of spin-offs in 2018 at 27. More impressively, over the last two decades we can how the numbers have slowly been increasing as the University invests in its researchers. [2]

The University recognises that by supporting students and professors develop their research to market, they are supporting R&D within institution as well as contributing to the Swiss economy and society [2]. While it is simple to understand the economic implications of successful businesses on the economy, sometimes understanding the social impact is less clear. However, when the spin-offs are tackling issues such as digital technology solutions for medicine [2], we can appreciate how this research only truly benefits us when it is developed to the point of being a profitable good or service.

Currently this University offers different programmes to support their spin-offs such as a Fellowship Programme, Lab, and a newly launched podcast. By putting importance on researched-based entrepreneurship, the ETH Zurich is taking strides towards creating a competitive environment that everyone benefits from. [2]