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EU Funded Project Cube In helps SMEs Internationalise in Emerging Markets

EU Funded Project Cube In helps SMEs Internationalise in Emerging Markets
Friday, 2 November 2018

Internationalisation of SMEs and start-ups is currently in the public eye as it is something that many companies, especially those linked to small national markets, have to consider in order to be successful. However, we can see that many companies focus on bringing their products or services to countries that are already developed, often ignoring emerging economies and what they offer. Many of these developing regions provide alternative options that can result in company success. [1]

At the same time, joining emerging markets can be daunting for a start-up or SME as it is the road less travelled. Enter the EU funded project Cube In, a learning platform that is focused on helping companies develop themselves in emerging economies, tapping into the potential markets that others are forgetting. [2] As each geographical location has different market requirements and offers, this specific information can be the tipping point between a bad internationalisation experience and a positive one.

The three entities that are carrying out the Project are:

  • Hofstede Insights: focusing on helping people and organisations solve intercultural and organisational challenges by using a tried and true framework. [3]
  • ICUNET: looking to create a colourful, agile, passionate, and visionary community that supports companies and organisations in their internationalisation. [4]
  • Technopolis Group: aiming to move environmental and societal change as a way for organisations and people to achieve economic growth. [5]

Because it is an EU funded project, users can access a significant amount of information and advice at no cost. Some of these resources include: tests about cultural knowledge and organisation capabilities for internationalisation; a library full of articles dedicated to helping the user understand development in a specific country or culture; a host of free webinars given by experts from around the work; and a forum where participants can ask specific questions. [2]

Check out the Project here!