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The European Innovation Council to Pilot 1,000 New Projects

The European Innovation Council to Pilot 1,000 New Projects
Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The European Innovation Council is working towards improving Europe’s innovation capacity by supporting entities that have the potential to make a difference. The Council’s goal is to provide financial and non-financial support to those innovators and to help strengthen the overall innovation ecosystem in Europe. [1]

Working together with 2018-2020 Horizon 2020 initiative, the Council hopes to be able to help fund and pilot around 1,000 new projects with a budget of around €2.7 billion. In addition to the current funds available, the Council will investigate how they can collaborate with the general public and help crowdfund projects. [2]

These projects will come from various calls and the chosen proposals will be based on breakthrough innovations with the potential to create new markets [3]. With these grants, the Council is hoping to find ideas that are radically different from what currently exists [2]. The projects should have a positive societal and environmental impact from a European perspective [1].

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