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European multipliers will help GLOBAL-SPIN promote Startup Internationalisation

European multipliers will help GLOBAL-SPIN promote Startup Internationalisation
Monday, 5 June 2017

The GLOBAL-SPIN project is partnering with European Multipliers in all partner countries in order to strengthen the coordination and integration of the initiatives launched. The project has been developed to work closely with the group of internationalized entrepreneurs that is growing in Europe, and to have a greater reach and transference potential of the information obtained through research done within this community.

GLOBAL-SPIN is an initiative supported by the European Commission within the Erasmus + Program. It focuses on bringing together leading universities and companies from various European countries in the development of a program for the internationalization of acadmic spin-offs and startups that, without being born global, have in their teams potential transnational entrepreneurs who wish to make their way in the foreign market. This initiative is considered as important because one of the skills that entrepreneurs feel that they lack is the ability to internationalize successfully.

The entities that form part of the GLOBAL-SPIN consortium are: the Fundación General UGR-Empresa in Spain, the University of Patras in Greece, Promimpresa in Italy, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Crystal Clear Soft Digital Education in Greece, INOVA in the UK, and Advancis Businesses Services in Portugal. Having a mixture of higher education institutions and businesses allows for the project to have a unique perspective into the entrepreneurial community.

The consortium also is counting on European Multipliers or entities that will be able to share the research and results established by the partners. These entities can also be key-actors that can introduce the project’s products into the European Agenda and Initiatives for entrepreneurship Education at all levels.

These Multipliers are essential to the success of the project because they bring to the project the possibility to reach a larger audience and influence the entrepreneurial community in more ways than the consortium would be able to achieve alone. In addition, these Multiplies are selected with the objective to contribute to the complementary coordination and integration of the all policies and practices launched from the EU for achieving the excellence in entrepreneurship education and reinforcing of spin offs and Start Ups (such us the Leaders Club and Start Up Europe).
Therefore, we are happy to announce that some partnerships with European Multipliers have already been established and others are in the process of being set up. Each relationship is created with the intention to give greater visibility to the respective projects that each of the entity is working on, creating mutually beneficial associations. The final network should provide a way to share both tangible and intangible results obtained from the GLOBAL-SPIN project, while creating a connected, solid, and relevant community working in the area of internationalized entrepreneurship.

We are now counting on the following European Multipliers to collaborate moving forward:

University of Chichester Business School, University of Sheffield Enterprise Zone, Creative Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam Enterprise Centre, FCS Associates LtdSheffield Business Centre, FH JOANNEUM University of Applied Sciences, MateraHub, Startia, Concordia, Finpro, Madrid Startup House, FINNOVA Foundation, Madrid International LAB, ENPI CBCMED, Assembly of European Regions, Distretto Industriale Meccatronica, PRISM – Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo, Enterprise Europe Network – Szeged, European Digital Learning Network, SME ACADEMY, European Institute for Local Development (EILD), Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Nord-Est (ADR Nord-Est),West Coast Startup.