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Fourth Meeting of the Global-Spin Project in Porto

Fourth Meeting of the Global-Spin Project in Porto
Friday, 26 October 2018

On the 9th of October, the Global-Spin Project celebrated its fourth and final meeting in Porto, Portugal hosted by Project Partners Advancis. All Partners participated in the meeting, the University of Patras from Greece represented virtually.

This Project is working towards developing an innovative and inclusive training tool for academic spin-off and start-up managers in the internationalisation of their companies. The team is looking at corporate learning from a new perspective and is finalising the development of a web/tablet tool that is able to share knowledge, abilities, and necessary resources with the professionals that use it. The final goal is to support managers and their colleagues effectively implement internationalisation strategies in their entrepreneurship and growth processes.

The meeting was a productive gathering and the team was able to finalise some of the key aspects of the Project including the final comments about the digital platform, led by Greek Partner CCS, for the online course and the organisation of the pilot sessions, led by British Partner Inova, to test the course with users. These pilots will be launched in the six Partner countries: the United Kingdom, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain. And the course will be available in all Partner languages.

Led by Partner Promimpresa, the consortium is also focusing on la evaluation of the platform and the pilot sessions. The dissemination, led by Project promoter FGUGREM, is also key at this moment to ensure that Project results reach the potential users and national workshops are being organised in all Partner countries to maximise Project impact. Finally, the final conference, organised by Partner Advancis, was discussed and, tentatively, planned for February 2019.

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