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From Research to Business: The Innovative Italian Start Up that Makes Natural Cosmetics from Posidonia

From Research to Business: The Innovative Italian Start Up that Makes Natural Cosmetics from Posidonia
Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Combining traditions and scientific research, ethics and environmental sustainability, the mission of the Italian start-up Egadi Cosmesi Naturale S.r.l. is to use oceanic Posidonia for the first time in beauty products, to create a new segment in the sector of natural cosmetics, while preserving and valorizing the immense natural heritage of the Egadi Islands (Sicily).

Maressentia, this is the name of new line of the eco-friendly cosmetics launched in 2016, uses the Posidonia seagrass’ potential while contributing to safeguard the Marine Protected Area where it gets its raw material, in exchange.

Egadi Cosmesi Naturale has been established by three colleagues with different backgrounds: Mario Corica, with a long experience in marketing in different multinational companies; Isabella Bianchi with a specific know how in cosmetics, and Stefania Delfrate with a background as an administrative. The startup works closely with researchers from Italy’s National Research Council and experts from the University of Genoa, the University of Eastern Piedmont and the University Consortium of the province of Trapani. A group of botanists, phytochemists, physiologists and cosmetologists who, despite their different backgrounds, are working towards a common goal: to bring together nature, tradition and science to create precious cosmetic ingredients from the incredible plants that flourish under the hot sun and in the uncontaminated Mediterranean environment.

The result of the research is the extract from a plant, already used for medical purposes in the ancient Egypt, that has demonstrated excellent antioxidant and revitalizing properties.

From a business perspective, the company’s goal  for the first year is to distribute the product across the country through sales agents, especially in herbalists’shops and pharmacies, then approaching the European markets in 2017 and become in three years a significant player in the fast-growing natural cosmetics sector, a market segment that in Italy is worth around 420 million euro per year (data Cosmetics Italy _ dec 2015).

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