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Ghent-Area University Supporting Student Entrepreneurship

Ghent-Area University Supporting Student Entrepreneurship
Monday, 31 July 2017

Three Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Ghent are joining together to form a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem. Ghent University, Artevelde University College, and University College Ghent have united to form a group with the capacity and capabilities to support entrepreneurship activities more than any of these schools would be able to do alone [1].

The initiative is called Gentrepreneur [2] and focuses on bringing together different entities such as companies, government bodies, funding partners, etc. to create conditions that support entrepreneurship. Each of these entities brings their own benefits in the form of experience, networks, and knowledge [1].

By bringing the resources of the three universities, Gentrepreneur is able to offer more for students than they would have been able to individually. In turn, the goal of this alliance is to create positive results for each of these HEIs and for the city in general [3]. Because we know that resources can make or break the possibility of entrepreneurship and spin-offs, perhaps collaboration is a solution for HEIs with fewer resources.