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Global-spin And Finnova Will Collaborate To Promote The Internationalization Of The Startups

Global-spin And Finnova Will Collaborate To Promote The Internationalization Of The Startups
Thursday, 6 April 2017

In order to strengthen the coordination and integration of all the initiatives launched in favor of the entrepreneurial community in Europe, and to have a greater reach and transference potential, GLOBAL-SPIN and FINNOVA partners join forces to promote the internationalization of the startups.

FINNOVA is a European foundation based in Brussels (Belgium), Andalusia, Basque Country, Catalonia, Comunidad Valenciana and Madrid. FINNOVA promotes innovative and wealth-creating initiatives in Europe, giving public and private organizations, associations, startups and small and medium-sized enterprises the opportunity to increase their professional ties, innovation and access to finance, so that they can carry their market ideas and be internationalized.

GLOBAL-SPIN is an initiative supported by the European Commission within the Erasmus + Program and brings together leading universities and companies from various European countries in the development of a program for the internationalization of startups that, without being bornglobal , have in their teams potential transnational entrepreneurs who wish to make their way in the foreign market.

With such aligned objectives, both actors aim to work together to give greater visibility to their respective projects, benefiting from the pan-European approach of both initiatives, incorporating the tangible and intangible results obtained in the development of their training programs, and bringing their respective networks of partners to create a connected, solid and relevant community in this area.

The success of this connection seems assured, with a transnational academic and business team expert in the development of new technological solutions for learning and training and with access to a large startup community in Spain and the rest of Europe. Let's hope this is the first of many collaborations.



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