Global-Spin News


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Last March 3, 2017, the consortium of the GLOBAL-SPIN Project (Transnational Entrepreneurship and Corporate Learning: Fostering Effective Internationalization Strategies in Academic Spin-Offs), led by the Fundación General Universidad de Granada Empresa under the Erasmus + Programme - Knowledge Alliances, held the first meeting of partners at the Centro de Transferencia Tecnológica (CTT) in Granada.

GLOBAL-SPIN aims to develop an innovative and inclusive training tool for managers of academic Spin-Offs on transnational entrepreneurship, based in a new approach to corporate learning and using web and tablet technologies, to provide the knowledge, skills, and resources needed for these professionals to implement effective strategies of internationalization in their ventures.

The first meeting, promoted by the Fundación General Universidad de Granada Empresa, had among its main objectives to form and communicate a shared vision of the Project, its main challenges and risks, as well as establishing a commitment of the partners with their activities and products. The meeting was attended by representatives of the participating entities (Fundación General Universidad de Granada Empresa, Hellenic Open University, Applied University of Vaasa, and the innovation consultancies CrystalClearSoft, Advancis, Inova and Promimpresa) and counted with the virtual participation through videoconference of the project manager in the European Agency, Mrs. Silvia de Benedetti.

During the meeting, the partners established the methodological basis to address the research and needs analysis phase consisting of conducting a survey of 500 consolidated transnational entrepreneurs as well as various focus groups and personal interviews in the 6 countries of the consortium (Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom and Finland). In addition, the consortium addressed other issues such as the development of the Transnational Entrepreneurs Forum, the European Manifesto on the Internationalization of Academic Spin-Offs and the Communicator/Performer digital platform to host the new Corporate Learning Program, among others.

GLOBAL-SPIN goes above and beyond traditional approaches and methodologies in corporate learning to be able to properly respond to the new challenges coming from the new training demands of globalized (or trying to internationalize) Spin-Offs, and the need to assess the effectiveness of this learning at three levels: for employees, for managers and for organizations.