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GLOBAL-SPIN SURVEY: we want to hear from you!

GLOBAL-SPIN SURVEY: we want to hear from you!
Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The GLOBAL-SPIN project aims to develop an innovative and inclusive training tool for managers of academic Spin-Offs in transnational entrepreneurship. This project is based on a new approach to corporate learning using web and tablet technologies, to provide the knowledge, skills and resources needed for these professionals to implement effective strategies of internationalization in their ventures.
GLOBAL-SPIN is in the research phase of this project, investigating the main success factors that start-ups and spin-offs should consider when internationalising their companies. A mixture between group interviews and surveys will help us better understand the assistance we can provide to for existing and upcoming companies. If you belong to a start-up or spin-off, you can make a difference! Please take the time to respond to our quick survey (5 to 10 minutes) and make sure to check out our results coming soon.

Thanks for your collaboration: