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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

From academic research to a startup

Pulled pork is something men seem to be very familiar and keen on with, but how about pulled oat? Pulled oat, produced by Gold&Green Foods, is a meat replacement that has been practically robbed from the Finnish supermarkets since its launch in 2016. It has raised a lot of interest inside and outside Finland. In fact, the company managed to raise over million euros of invest funding in a short time [1].

The pulled oat is one of the outcomes of a technical innovation of vegetable protein based on a research of Reetta Kivela of beta-glucan of oat. No wonder Reetta Kivelä was elected the Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2015. [1]. The business partner of Kivelä (a scientist) is an entrepreneur Maija Itkonen [2]. The pulled oat is only at the beginning of the story and opportunities as the vegetable protein can turn into a great variety of products [1,3]. The demand of the pulled oat has been so great that it has caused production problems. Gold&Green Foods has partnered with Paulig that purchased 51% of its shares in autumn 2016. This is supposed to open new possibilities in production, e.g. production openings in Sweden has been discussed. [3].

The story of the pulled oat is an excellent example of how academic outcomes can turn into innovation and success stories. Yet this capacity should be harnessed in companies, as Itkonen states [4]. Not only a culinaristic and a nutritional success story, the pulled out received the Medal of Honour of Finland 100 for exceptional work to economic life, companies and the native country [5].

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