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I-BIS Incubator Focuses on Helping SMEs Grow and Entrepreneurs get off the Ground

I-BIS Incubator Focuses on Helping SMEs Grow and Entrepreneurs get off the Ground
Friday, 20 July 2018

Project I-BIS (Innovative Business Growth Incubator for Start-ups) is part of the European Commission initiative to develop a pan-European method of growing businesses. I-BIS consists of a course given by incubators that focuses specifically on supporting SMEs and entrepreneurs during their first years of growth or while in moments of change. In addition, the programme believes that it is necessary female entrepreneurship in Europe and, consequentially, has developed a module dedicated to this issue. [1]

Over the past two and a half years, the Project has been developing and testing its content in four partner countries—the UK, Lithuania, Finland, and Spain—that is made up of eight different modules, each one structured to support SMEs and entrepreneurs in different ways:

Module 1: Diagnosis and Business Fit Audit
Module 2: Resource and Capability Analysis
Module 3: Intervention Methods and Leadership for Businesses
Module 4: Developing and Reporting an Information Dashboard
Module 5: Financial Planning and Re-structuring
Module 6: Project Catalylst Operationalisation
Module 7: Support for Female Start-up Entrepreneurs
Module 8: Doing Business in…. (Available for the UK, Spain, Finland, and Lithuania) [2]

Two pilot sessions have been carried out in each of the partner countries in order to test and improve the information available both in the course itself and the platform where it is housed. As the Project comes to an end this August (2018), the overall results of the Project have been very positive will be available to those interested on both the platform and the website.

[2] Information taken from Project leaflet