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Leeds University Spin-off is Working to Save Water

Leeds University Spin-off is Working to Save Water
Friday, 13 October 2017

The technology firm, Xeros Technology, is an innovative spin-off from Leeds University that focuses on water-reducing inventions [1]. The University of Leeds is known for its School of Textiles and is constantly researching how to make improvements to this industry. Xeros is trying to improve fabric cleaning in an effective and resource efficient way, reducing water use while still obtaining superior results [2].

The cleaning substance that Xeros has found to be most effective is nylon polymer spheres, which permit fabrics to become clean with small amounts of water and energy use [1]. The technology that the company has produced is currently ‘open source’ and they are currently looking for collaborators to demonstrate and test the prototype [3].

Even in this case, where the company can show positive results, they find that it is still difficult to penetrate into traditional markets. Conservative industry adapts very slowly to change, even when it is sustainable for the environment and provides economic benefits. [1] However, it does appear that Xeros has signed a major project with a commercial washing machine brand [3].

If a product like that produced by Xeros is able to penetrate both the hospitality and commercial market, it will allow us to greatly reduce water used in clean clothes, protecting on of our most precious resources.