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Making Scientific Research Easier with New Startups

Making Scientific Research Easier with New Startups
Friday, 30 June 2017

There are thousands of scientific papers published every year, but researchers that want to use the study results obtained by other scientists have to sift through large quantities of information just to find what they are looking for. In Toronto, there is a startup, BenchSci, that is trying to help other scientists find the research they need quickly, decoding papers, indexing information, and making it easy to look up specific data [1].

BenchSci focuses on antibody research, allowing scientist to use their platform to look up papers about antibodies for free and adding additional features for a fee [2]. The team making up the company includes current PhD students and graduates who have had experienced the problem of finding information first-hand [1].

The need for this type of product can only be produced by someone who feels lack of it, but for those researchers who can spend hours or days looking for information, this type of technology will change the way they work. In addition, making it easier for others to find what you are working means that the research is being disseminated among a larger group of people, adding value to the information because it is being used [2].