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Newer Universities Lead in Start-up Creation

Newer Universities Lead in Start-up Creation
Thursday, 25 January 2018

Academic spin-offs are a strong source of research knowledge transfer and can provide universities with an extra source of financing. Therefore, it is no surprise that universities consider spin-offs worthy of time and financial investment. On the other hand, universities can also promote start-up company creation. This type of company doesn’t necessarily have ties to academic research but does have connections to the universities. [1]

In contrast to Oxford, who is one of the leaders in spin-off creation [2], research may show that start-ups are more common among newer universities than the classics [3]. The amount of new business creation that comes from one university has to do with the entrepreneurial skills that are promoted within the school itself and how this entity is able to provide aid to students [1].

Why is there such a large difference between those universities which foster spin-offs as compared to those which promote start-ups? Perhaps it has to do with the need to invest long-term in most spin-offs [4] and tend to be only the highest-value technologies that achieve becoming a company. On the other hand, universities don’t have to invest as much in start-ups, making them more accessible for newer universities. [1]