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Newly Launched Platform Online Marketplace looks to Drive Business Growth

Newly Launched Platform Online Marketplace looks to Drive Business Growth
Monday, 7 January 2019

The United Arab Emirates will be hosting the World Expo in 2020. The organising team expects that millions of people will visit the physical site in Dubai during the duration of the project (from 20/10/2020 to 10/04/2021) with the intention to bring together people from around the globe, showcasing new, innovative ideas [2]. And, in order to facilitate the connection and collaboration between companies and other interested parties, Expo 2020 Dubai  decided to create the free-to-use The Online Marketplace (OMP) platform. The platform has been launched as a way for businesses—especially SMEs—to create international partnerships and drive growth.

The hope is that the OMP will encourage innovation and drive global economic process by creating a large network in the MEASA (Middle East, Africa and South Asia) region. While main participants in the Expo 2020 will include nations, corporations, NGOs, educational institutions, etc. the organising team identifies that SMEs are a fundamental piece to any economy. Therefore, the hope is that the OMP will also be able to help strengthen SMEs ability to internationalise by facilitating visualisation, connection, and participation in cross-border trade. [3]

The creation of this type of networking tool allows the Expo 2020 to capitalise on the in person sessions by working with key actors in specific fields while still having contact with SMEs in related areas. In return, OMP users will be able to promote their products and services in local and international markets [1].