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Oxford Spin-off Develops High-value Chemical Compounds

Oxford Spin-off Develops High-value Chemical Compounds
Thursday, 30 November 2017

Oxford Biotrans is an Oxford University spin-off company which works towards the development and commercialization of “naturally” produced, high-value chemical compounds. This organisation counts on over 20 years of research from the chemistry department at Oxford. [1] And, in October of 2017, Oxford Biotrans received £2.1m in funding led by Touchstone Innovations [2].

Although, from a scientific process, the difference between “natural” and chemically produced compounds is not very large, the market for naturally-labelled products is. The most recent project that Oxford Biotrans has completed is the creation of nootkatone, or the flavour of grapefruits. While this flavour is not produced in an efficient way for large consumption (such as in body wash or desserts) in nature, this company is able to produce it “naturally” from oranges. [3]

Therefore, Oxford Biotrans is able to ensure that the production of nootkatone can be more easily accessed while still maintaining an environmentally-friendly process [1]. The intention of the company is to continue researching and expanding their field of expertise into other high-value compounds, fragrances and flavours, which are not easily accessible in their natural form, but can be produced in a lab [2].