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PhD Studies lead to Spin-off Focused on Agricultural Yields

PhD Studies lead to Spin-off Focused on Agricultural Yields
Monday, 12 November 2018

When co-founder Dr Charles Veys was carrying out his PhD studies at the University of Manchester he was able to develop a tool that aims to improve agriculture yields in addition to their quality and shelf life. Together with Progression Bruce Grieve, the company Fotenix was born. [1] This company focuses on studying the colours and shapes of the crops in such precision that any corrective actions can be taken as early as possible. [2]

The final product will act as a lifeline for farmers by helping them interpret where the crop is at in its growth cycle and when to act [3]. By using an online tool that helps determine the ripeness of produce, the company hopes to help change from intensive agricultural models to sustainable ones [1].  The team plans to build on technology that is already being used by large farming manufactures for applying fertiliser or herbicide. As they plan to go beyond what can be seen with the human eye, they will be able to provide these professionals a boost when looking at what is going on in the fields. [3]

It is important to recognise the importance of agriculture and the steps that are being taking to make it more sustainable long-term. One of the main discussions about climate change is how to feed the planet while dealing with climate change which is effecting water management, plant adaptation, and general food security. [4] If Fotenix’s technology can help make the farming process more efficient and sustainable, we will see the socioeconomic impacts.