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Queen’s University Spin-off Still Prosperous after Almost 40 Years

Queen’s University Spin-off Still Prosperous after Almost 40 Years
Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Andor Technology Ltd [1] was spun-off from Belfast at Queen’s University in 1989 and now, almost 40 years later, employs over 400 people in 16 locations all around the world. The business was started when the founders, who were at the times working in the Physics department of the University, decided that the cameras available were not sufficient for their needs, so they developed their own. Taking advantage of the specific requirements and creations, Andor was created. [2]

To this day, Andor Technology remains one of the leading companies providing technological solutions for scientific needs. For example, its cutting-edge nanoscale imaging equipment will be featured at the Pittcon 2018 Expo, where a symposium will be held dedicated to nanotechnology development at a global level. [3] In addition, it is estimated that the biophotonics (the see-through imaging, microscopy, inside imaging, spectro molecular, light therapy, surface imaging, and biosensors [4]) market where this product is featured will continue to grow around 11% before 2021. And Andor Technology is a key player in this field. [5]

The company considers that it has grown organically from its simple beginnings, focusing on the product and, in this way, pioneering the development of high performance cameras. To this day, they continue to have a customer focus, a drive for inspiration and innovation, and are highly team orientated. [2] Overall, this spin-off is an excellent example how a company with an academic background can make such an impact.