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Recruit or work in Europe? With the EURES network you can.

Recruit or work in Europe? With the EURES network you can.
Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Today, the choice to work or hire beyond national borders is a perspective increasingly taken into consideration as opens up enormous opportunities on a professional and personal level.

With the aim to qualify the European labor market and facilitating the free movement of workers, the European Union has established a service Network, called EURES  (EURopean Employment Services - European Employment Services). EURES with its job mobility portal offers employees and employers with a free personalized consultancy service through guidance and advice, information on job vacancies—in the European Economic Area and in Switzerland—news on the labor market trends, practical information on living and working conditions, as well as an on-line database line containing the CVs of job seekers. [1]

In today's business market, the EURES network is evolving, becoming more active and concrete results-oriented. Here we report a selection of success stories that shows the potential benefits of the collaboration between companies, workers and the EURES Network:

Aurobindo: the Maltese pharmaceutical company who had a lack of qualified laboratory technicians has found and hired 10 Italian and Spanish workers.
POD (People of Diversity) GmbH: German Recruitment Company for the building sector has placed over 400 Spanish applicants in small businesses in only five years.
Blue Ocean Robotics: a leading Danish company worldwide in the robotics industry bridges a gap in local skills and employs a multinational workforce that today is represented by 16 different nationalities.