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Review of World-Wide University Spin-Offs for 2017

Review of World-Wide University Spin-Offs for 2017
Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Universities are constantly recognising the importance that academic spin-offs can have on the transfer of knowledge and economy stimulation. Therefore, the results of the review are not exceptionally surprising—universities are working towards supporting more spin-offs this year. In fact, the third quarter has had more growth than previous quarters, and September shows significantly more capital raised by spin-offs than any other month.

North America (principally the United States and Canada) and Europe lead the spin-off trend, however, that could be due to the fact that other cultures do not publicise their results in the same way that these countries do. North America and Europe are working towards creating, promoting, and supporting spin-offs and the technology is finding backers to fund new projects.

By analysing the information given in the report, we can see where spin-offs are finding this support, which inherently is important to achieve success. In places where these activities are not assisted it is difficult to get even the most innovative and positive idea off the ground.

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