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Seven Solutions: A University Spin-Off from Granada

Seven Solutions: A University Spin-Off from Granada
Thursday, 29 June 2017

Created in 2006, the company Seven Solutions [1] is a spin-off from the University of Granada (UGR) focused on developing cutting-edge products for different sectors, such as avionics, telecommunication, space, military and scientific facilities, etc. Their products are based on embedded systems (electronics, firmware, and embedded software) and sub-nanosecond time transfer and frequency distribution [2].

Seven Solutions is made up of engineers with specialised training in information technology and are able to understand how the goings-on behind a research project can greatly impact the results. For example, synchronisation of projects in different places can make major differences in a project [3].

For this company, internationalisation is key for success with a large majority of business taking place in countries such as England, the U.S., etc. This internationalisation has been let to them projects such as working on a particle accelerator in CERN in Switzerland [3].

This is an example of an internationalised academic spin-off that has made an impact on future research world-wide. Officials in Andalusia, the community where Granada is found in southern Spain, hope that companies like Seven Solutions will continue to thrive and that new university spin-offs will be achieved, taking advantage of research that is already being obtained [4].