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Spin-off developed to save lives through social media

Spin-off developed to save lives through social media
Monday, 5 June 2017

A spin-off created at Trinity College in Dublin is using the research from the Project Slándáil [1], sponsored by the European Union Framework Programme 7, is based on social media analysis and is orientated to help save lives. The Project Slándáil focuses on how message can be spread via different social media platforms to help inform emergency responses to disasters. This project is based on the Security Research plan and, if success, will help improve response times and effectiveness of emergency services during natural crisis [2].

Based on the project research, a team from Trinity has created a spin-off company to help with event management. By using the social media analysis developed during the Project Slándáil, they hope to help Irish emergency management teams respond to situations in the most efficient way. They hope to be able to filter out less important information posted on social media and focus in on the information that can help get recuse teams to the places which need help most as fast as possible [3].

The company considers citizens privacy rights and data protection as an upmost importance, and will respect the rights of the users while still being able to help emergency response teams [3]. The general population will be converted into a massive set of eyes that will now be able to help save lives.

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