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Spin-off to Focus on Drug Development for Alzheimer’s Disease

Spin-off to Focus on Drug Development for Alzheimer’s Disease
Wednesday, 19 September 2018

KinoPharma is an academic spin-off founded in April 2005 by Professor and entrepreneurial scientist Masatoshi Hagiwara in Japan [1]. The company was established as a way to bring the academic research carried out by Hagiwara at the Mie University into the business and clinical world. The focus of the academics involved in the company is on signal transduction and kinase inhibitors; the focus of the company is to use the research to develop clinical drugs with less side effects. [2]

KinoPharma is able to minimise these side effects because they directly target the specific kinases, or the protein enzymes that cause certain activity in the body [3]. During their studies they have identified a particular protein (called tau) that is believed to be a cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.  Together with the National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology, KinoPharma hopes that they will be able to create specific kinase inhibitor that will prevent the build-up of this protein, thereby reducing its negative impacts. [1]

As the pathological cause of Alzheimer’s has not yet been completely identified, the accumulation of the tau protein is currently accepted as a cause. The next step is to test the potential therapeutic drugs on mice with overexpressed amounts of the tau protein.  If successful, the resulting medication could not only help reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, but also correctly identify a biomarker for the disease. [1]

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