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Spin-off Focuses on Being Healthy while Loving Yourself

Spin-off Focuses on Being Healthy while Loving Yourself
Friday, 21 July 2017

A spin-off from the Colorado State University, Smart Fit Chicks [1], focuses on using research-proven techniques (two of the members are PhDs) in order to empower others to live a healthy lifestyle. This platform does not preach serious dieting or ‘the perfect body’, but instead highlights the importance on loving your body [2].

According to their webpage, the company is made by women, for women. It is a resource based on university research for women looking to improve their health and fitness but with the spin of being community focused and looking beyond body fitness to mind fitness too [3].

The service that these entrepreneurs offer transforms scientific research into a tool that can be used by the public to improve their health [2]. In this way this company is fulfilling its role as an academic spin-off, providing a community with a wealth of knowledge that would otherwise only be available within the university.