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Spin-off Focuses on Solving Oil Analysis Problems

Spin-off Focuses on Solving Oil Analysis Problems
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

RAB-Microfluidics, a spin-off developed by Dr Rotimi Alabi from the University of Aberdeen, is focusing on how real-time testing and analysis of oils can change the way a company functions [1]. This company believes that making oil analysis should be dynamic and reactive to customer needs. This is why they have taken advantage of a decade’s worth of research from the department of Physical Science to develop new technology to solve testing and analysis problems. [2]

The technology that is being produced will theoretically provide an entire laboratory in a 22x15mm glass chip and a 30x20mm portable laboratory [2]. This final product offered by RAB-Microfluidics will allow users to bring the lab to the sample, rather than the other way around. This will also allow companies to work towards diagnosing problems early on and giving them the chance to apply preventative action. [1]

Within their market are all businesses that operate heavy machinery and monitor the oil. These fields include: oil and gas, power generation, aerospace and defence, maritime, transportation, and waste water treatment. [3]

In addition to offering an extremely innovative and competitive product to the market, this company has also won the 2017 University Startup World Cup held in Copenhagen [4].