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Spin-off Works towards Prototyping Solid-State Battery Cells

Spin-off Works towards Prototyping Solid-State Battery Cells
Thursday, 25 January 2018

Sakti3, a spin-off from the University of Michigan specialises in battery technology and has been purchased by the vacuum company Dyson with the intention to prototyping, and after producing at mass scale, solid-state battery cells [1]. Although solid-state batteries are in the first stages of R&D and cost more than traditional lithium-ion “liquid” batteries, the potential benefits are numerous. These advantages include higher energy storage while being lighter weight and non-flammability, while still performing well at high temperatures. [2]

Sakti3 has been voted as one of the “Metro Detroit’s 2017 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” [3] as well as one of the “50 Smartest Companies 2015” [4] and, with its ambitious plan to revolutionize energy storage, this spin-off is taking big steps to changing energy in the future. The overall goal of the company is to make smaller, safer, more reliable, and longer lasting batteries that have high density energy. [1]

Dyson, who intends to produce electric cars with solid-state batteries, has invested in this spin-off business with the idea of producing cleaner automobiles. These changes to the automobile industry could have a huge impact on the business in future. In addition, the technology could be applied to other products that Dyson produces, such as vacuums. [5]