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Spin-Off Works to Transfer University Research to Industry

Spin-Off Works to Transfer University Research to Industry
Friday, 22 December 2017

University of Granada Spin-off BIOT [1] is an enterprise dedicated to research and development, innovation and patenting in the area of microbiology and biotechnology.  They are working towards improving human, animal, and environmental health by using microorganisms—what they say is microorganisms that favour life. [2]

BIOT focuses on intense R&D with the intention to transfer their research results into the economic market, collaborating with different companies and public entities [2]. The entity is involved in several different fields of collaboration and, in 2016, BIOT received an Award of Excellence for a SME project called “Upscale and optimisation of an olive wastewater treatment photobioreacter (PBR).” This certificate was delivered by the European Commission as part of the Horizon 2020 Framework for Research and Innovation. [3]

BIOT is also participating is a project called BIOGREEN with the objective to develop a green way to biorefine using biomass. This project is based on integrating circular economy thinking into traditional agriculture in Spain. [4] In this way, this spin-off is working to improve the way systems function by using microorganisms and passion for how they work [2].