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Startup World Cup 2018: the Spanish "Wallbox" gets on the podium

Startup World Cup 2018: the Spanish "Wallbox" gets on the podium
Monday, 28 May 2018

Dedicated to launching and creating opportunities for the new wave of leading entrepreneurs, Startup World Cup is a competition that brings together startups from all around the globe. [1] During this world meeting, held in Silicon Valley, the Spanish start-up Wallbox had the honour to compete against other 28 startups finalists, proudly occupying a third place on the podium. [2]Let's investigate more deeply on the only European start-up that in this occasion has positioned itself among the best emerging companies in the world.

Wallbox is a startup that develops and manufactures chargers for electric vehicles. It represents an innovative system that is designed to optimize the loading of electric and hybrid vehicles, reducing the loading time, and the invoice energy costs. [1] Their mission is to offer solutions that change the way people consume energy. Wallbox chargers, with their small size (16x16 cm), are characterized by a minimalist and innovative design. Through a cloud platform, the control system allows a global view of the different charging sessions, controls the consumption of energy, and manages the load operation from anywhere in the world. [3]

Born few years ago, the nearly new emerged start-up is already present in 25 countries. Their secret? “The Wallbox success” – declares Enric Asunción, CEO of Wallbox- “is mainly due to the ability to put into practice our innovative ideas and the motivation and dedication of the entire team”. [2]

The market is growing very fast and even Wallbox knows that it has to update and innovate itself continuously. Technology, innovation, and environmental sustainability; the right recipe for exponential growth of world startups?