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Student Works With Spin-Off to Develop an APP that Reviews Waste Pick-Up in Granada

Student Works With Spin-Off to Develop an APP that Reviews Waste Pick-Up in Granada
Monday, 17 December 2018

At the University of Granada students have a fair amount of wiggle room when deciding their final projects (dissertations) for their undergraduate programmes. Some projects are standard but others, like the one developed between Álvaro Teruel Cañones and the spin-off PROMA (Projects of Environmental Engineering), have the possibility to change how we go about the daily task of waste collection. [1]

This computer scientist and telecommunications engineer collaborated with several professionals from different areas, including the Faculty of Civil Engineering to carry out his dissertation (Trabajo Fin de Grado or TFG) called “Web Application for Alerts about Cleanliness Levels and Waste Collection.” Within the scope of his dissertation, Teruel Cañoles was able to develop an idea that his tutor Professor Montserrat Zamorano had been thinking about—how to measure the quality of the waste collection in the city and improve it. This allowed the student to bring computer science into the world of environmental protection advocated by the tutor. [2]

Together with José María Fernández González from PROMA, the application that was developed as a result will be used as a way to measure the cleanliness and waste collection in the region so that the municipalities can improve the services provided. [3] The application has been developed so that the citizens of a community are able to notify the responsible entity of how waste collection and cleaning is carried out in their area. In addition, the town hall is able to send out notifications about actions or activities that are seen as relevant to the citizens. [2]

The initial pilot testing was carried out over the summer of 2018 in different zones of the Granada region (Ogijares, Alhendín, Arilla, Zagra, Guadix, Huetor Vega, and Salobreña). The majority of municipalities are interested in continuing with the use of the application and, therefore, the Diputación is looking for new ways to implement the tool in different areas and increase the number of features offered. [2] Although it started out as a simple dissertation project, this application has been developed with the intention of long-term implementation and hopes to truly improve the quality of waste collection in the city [3].

[2] Personal communication, December 5, 2018