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The EU supports SME Internationalisation Beyond its Borders

The EU supports SME Internationalisation Beyond its Borders
Friday, 7 December 2018

With Projects like Global-Spin we can see how the European Commission is making it a priority to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their competitiveness. Whether it is going beyond national boarders or trying to expand outside of Europe (such as with the Cube-In Project [1]), the EU understands that having access to third markets can make all the difference for SMEs. [2]

According to the Commission’s website, it is estimated that 90% of global growth will originate in economies beyond the EU in the coming years. Therefore, as SMEs play an essential role in the EU’s economic stability, the internationalisation of these companies will contribute to the stability and wellbeing of the Union. [2] In 2011 the strategy, “Small Businesses, Big World,” was launched with the intention of helping “SMEs seize global opportunities.” [3]

To this end, the European Commission hosts a range of tools in addition to providing grants to different organisations and Projects in order to understand best practices and promote innovation. Bilateral dialogues are also being carried out between the EU and other countries such as China to increment the policy framework for European SMEs around the world. [2] What are some of the main ideas that we have discovered as essential for successful internalisation? Check them out here!

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