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The University of Edinburgh Promotes R&D Spin-Offs

The University of Edinburgh Promotes R&D Spin-Offs
Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The University of Edinburgh tech transfer office is Edinburgh Innovations and this office has helped launch 189 companies in the last five years [1].

This is possible because Edinburgh Innovations collaborates with partners to help provide resources and increase value to the resulting spin-offs. The office looks to build on ideas and deliver results both for industry and the University itself. [2]

Edinburgh Innovations has just signed a deal with Mercia, an entity which specialises in financing and scaling up technology companies in the early stages of their creation. The hope is that, with this partnership, a significant number of Scottish investment opportunities can be successful. [3] The partnership is based on the attractive entrepreneurial ecosystem that the University is able to offer in Scotland and the track record that Mercia has with supporting spin-offs [1].

Therefore, the team will be working together with other partners and the R&D department at the University to promote support innovation and discover. By supporting spin-offs from this department, the team hopes to stimulate economic growth in the region and continue to expand the reach of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. [4]

Both entities seem to be pleased with the deal and think that it will be a productive relationship [1].