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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Training Session with Young Entrepreneurs

Last Thursday, April 27, a team of the Fundación General Universidad de Granada - Empresa organized a training session with young entrepreneurs in the framework of its. The course, held in the Faculty of Economics and Business, brought together 30 students from different specialties with the aim of learning techniques and tools to identify and position their own talent from a highly practical and experiential perspective.

For 5 hours, the students had the opportunity to reflect and apply skills self-assessment techniques as well as to carry out simulations of key professional situations in the launch of its own business. Adopting the Global-Spin project´s approach, students worked on the development of key competences of transnational entrepreneurs (such as the creativity, self-leadership, etc) and to overcome the main barriers to internationalization when forming their model of personal growth and professional career. 

The methodology, focused on personal empowerment and group coaching, aimed to develop participants' self-leadership skills as well as generate a change of attitude and positive behavior in certain areas of the management of their professional career.

The students expressed a high commitment throughout the session and, although tired, they all returned home with new skills and big smiles.