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Trinity College Dublin Spin-off Works with the Internet of Things

Trinity College Dublin Spin-off Works with the Internet of Things
Friday, 22 March 2019

With the constant advancement of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming ever more important to businesses of all sizes. Danalto is a spin-off from Trinity College in Dublin that offers solutions in the field of the IoT and is working to make the adoption and use of new technologies and services available to businesses everywhere [1]. The company recently secured 750,000€ from the Disruptive Technologies Innovation Fund as a show of the importance that this type of service has in the marketplace [2].

Danalto is very customer focused—the company tagline could be: “We provide the services and technologies that assure Enterprises that they are always connected to their realtime business intelligence” [1]. This passion for helping companies be the best they can be is important for Danalto and they take their solutions seriously. [1] By focusing on creating practical solutions, they are able to address one of the fastest growing IoT communication technologies: low power wide area network (LPWAN). This is how they have created a niche for themselves that is gaining value within the current market. [2]

Working with LPWAN means that Danalto mainly works with energy constrained, low to medium cost assets uniquely supporting the needs of all different types of companies in all sorts of situations. The solutions that are created by the team are designed for the specific requirements of a company and include all the details from device configuration to installation. [3] Some specific projects that this team has worked on included automating operations to improve businesses; helping companies become more sustainable; adjust technology use for better energy efficiency; etc. [1].