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Turing University Research into Innovation is Essential for Inclusive Capitalism

Turing University Research into Innovation is Essential for Inclusive Capitalism
Wednesday, 21 November 2018

It is often talked about how many people now want more than financial incentive from their job—they want something that they can connect to, something that makes them feel good about how they live their lives. When we apply this way of thinking to a company, we get the idea of inclusive capitalism: the belief that business success should be measured in terms of how it enriches its stakeholders in addition to financial prosperity. In other words, this means that businesses should feel the call to serve causes such as human equality and diversity and environmental sustainability as well as driving returns. [1]

While this dream of having businesses that empower their workers at the same time they are protecting the environment and society around them may seem farfetched, businessman and author Nigel Wilson believes that it is possible. Wilson believes that capitalism has the capacity to broadly benefit the society in which we live today. [2] In addition, he believes that backing university research and allowing it to become market innovation is important for the success of inclusive capitalism. [3]

For Wilson, the connection between the way researchers tackle problems (and create potential solutions) and the way spin-offs, start-ups, and scale-ups are developed is a key way that we can work to improve societies. On one hand, companies are able to profit from the newest research and innovation that is being produced in our educational systems while making a long term investment in the academic institutions in the area. On the other, universities are able to shine the spotlight on education as a way of improving economic, social, and environmental value in our communities. [3]